Magic in the Attic – behind the scenes…

This winter, children are shining like the little stars! – Regina Maria Commercial

A party for Daisy – behind the scene…

Creating Daisy Dress…

We want to show you some “behind the scene” details from the creation of our new collection star, the “Daisy Dress”.
After cutting out the lace, we are gently sewing it by hand to create the most delicate dress decoration.
The embroidered veil, the trail, and all the work behind the scenes, makes this dress for little girls a special one.


“Les AristoKats” – FW 2013/2014 Collection – Behind-the-scenes

Theme: “the aristocats”, elegants and very nicely dressed
Characters: Teodor (4 months old) & Natalia (5 months&1week old)
Filming: Alexandru Busuioceanu
Movie edit: Adrian Medeleanu
Deco: Chic Ville – the store with a lot of beautiful things. Don’t you really like the little sofa?
Location: a house just suitable for some little “aristocats”. The piano is missing, but we have candies!


Launch of the Aquarela SS 2013 collection  – version “Meeting new friends”

Location: Pink & Blue shop

The collection, which has become a distinct line of Petite Coco clothes, introduces the concept of hand-painted clothes, and was created together with graphic illustrator Alexandra Mudrac.


Launch of the Aquarela SS 2013 collection – version “The runaway show”

Advertising video Petite Coco for Salon TV

In December 2011 we appeared on all screens of the most renowned beauty parlors of Bucharest. Enjoy!