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Aquarela Collection

Happy anniversary, dear children! On your celebration day, on the frist day of June, in collaboration with Pink&Blue, a kids specialized concept store, we launched a new hand-painted clothing collection, with color and cheerfulness, and we gave it the name Aquarela.

Under the soulful eyes of their parents, nine novice mini-models, aged between 8 months and 5 years, enthusiastically marched past the cameras, wearing the newest clothes designed by Petite Coco.  Not just any clothes, but some special ones, suited for the most special moments in our kids life: Christening, anniversaries and all sorts of parties.

The paintings, made out of  spacial water-proof fabric colors,  produced by our graphic artist, Alexadra Mudrac, perfects the clothing created by the desinger Ioana Jalba, who sais: ” The painting completes perfectly our ideas and brings us closer to the themes we propose. Because in the last few years we emphazise with a merine theme, for this collection we approached a more clasical, but beloved look: the fairytale scene, with enchanted flowers, bumble bees and ladybugs. This is the Thumbelina’s world, and her Japanese sister, Arrietty, stories which inspired us and represented the base of this collection.”

All the Aquarela clothes  are easy to wear, beicause are coated with soft cotton or tencel fabric,  and the colors used for paintings are safe for the babies sensilbe skin. In the same time, the outfits are carefully crafted, with special attention for detail, for colors and structure perfectly harmonized.

Just like Thumbelina magically appeared from a tulip, to fulfil her mother’s dream, the launching of this collection made us accomplish an old dream.

All we will say is that the whole thing ended with cake and champagne, lots of games and new friends, and the kids proved that the clothes are not only pretty, but comfortable, too.

In closing, we want to thank to those who helped us: the Pink&Blue store, the photographer Alexandru Busuioceanu, the stylist Ioana Nicolescu, the graphic artist Alexandra Mudrac and of course to our little models and their parents.

Now, we invite you to see the collection.