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We Have a New Collection

Duchess, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz, O’Marley… Sounds familiar? Exactly! The Aristocats! This movie inspired us to create our new winter collection, which we intitled “Les AristoKats”. Kitten paintings, tulle dresses, topper hats, jabots and embroideries are the main elements in this collection. Check it out here and here!


From sketch to story…2

This is one of our favorite projects: “From sketch to story…” where we invite you to discover the mysteries of a Petite Coco workshop and to see how the sketches drawn by Ioana, our designer, come to life, eventually becoming the favorite clothes of the little ones.

So, where we started and where we are now … First it was sketch …

PC-de-la-schita-la-proiect-sophie PC-de-la-schita-la-proiect-rochita-little-sailor PC-de-la-schita-la-proiect-napoleon PC-de-la-schita-la-proiect-josephine PC-de-la-schita-la-minnie