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Scheherazade’s Stories – SS 2014

These days we are getting closer to the finish line with our newest collection: “Scheherazade’s Stories”! The designs are ready, the photo shooting is done already and slowly, but surely, we present to our fans the new outfits on Facebook, Pinterest and of course, on our site.

Turbans, soft translucent veils, silver or golden metallic details, precious accessories and fine embroideries are the distinctive elements.

But the sensation of this collection is a new addition for us: an elegant jumpsuit for fashionable little girls, made from fluid silk, which can successfully replace the usual princess dress. For boys we also have something exceptional: shalwar trousers, made of silk with embroidered waist, matched with a fine shirt with bow and a feathered turban. Wearing this outfits, we guarantee your little ones will be priceless appearances at every special event they’re attending ;)


Don’t be afraid though, because the collection includes classical outfits too: elegant suits for boys and tailed dresses for graceful little girls.

Although the children in the images are a little bit older, aged between 1.8 and 3.5 years, the designs are still suitable for the babies’ special events, especially for the Christening.

You are invited to see the whole “Scheherazade’s Stories” collection in the photo gallery.

PS.: We thank the entire team who worked on this collection and also to our photographer Alexandru Busuioceanu, the Chick Ville store for the beautiful decorations they gave us, the graphic designer Alexandra Mudrac and parents who gently assisted us during the photo shooting.

We Have a New Collection

Duchess, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz, O’Marley… Sounds familiar? Exactly! The Aristocats! This movie inspired us to create our new winter collection, which we intitled “Les AristoKats”. Kitten paintings, tulle dresses, topper hats, jabots and embroideries are the main elements in this collection. Check it out here and here!