• Princess Pearl

    Ivory flower 3D lace christening trousseau and gown, a beautiful and elegant set for your little one. We can also handcraft all the accessories that are missing from the set, just send us a message :)

  • Rose Pearls

    Christening trousseau for little girls, containing all matching elements nedded for this special occasion. This beautiful set is made of and decorated with ivory silk and pearls.

  • Ballerina

    Ballerina themed Christening trousseau for baby girls, decorated with hand painted motifs, perls and silk ruffles. A beautiful design that can match many delicate baptism gowns.

  • Amy

    Handamade elegant Christening set for girls, made of pearl embroidery and feather applications, on a warm ivory shade. On demand, we can accesorize all the missing things that you need for the perfect moment.

  • Grace

    Beautiful flower embroidered on silk Christening set for little girls.

  • Tatiana

    Baptism set and matching dress that combines traditional like floral motifs embroidered on natural silk with extravagant ruffles made of soft tulle and handmade apron. Originally created in shades of pink and red, on request, both the dress and the kit can be made in other color combinations. Any detail in the order can be personalized with the baby's name, as well as the date of baptism, if desired.

  • Angel

    Angel Christening Trousseau, for boys and girls. Can be matched with almost all our feather dresses.

  • Jamie

    Jamie Ivory Lace Christening Set

  • Jasmine

    Jasmine Christening Ivory Set

  • Cameo

    "Every girl pretends she is a princess at one point". Give her the oportunity to be one for her Christening day, with this Christening trousseau box accessorized with cameos.

  • Butterflies

    Christening trousseau, suitable for both girls and boys, depending on the color of the butterflies.

  • Raisa

    Raisa Lace Christening Set

  • Cupcake

    A sweet Christening Trousseau for Baby Girls with a silk lace heart and light pink color and a lot of wonderful details. It can be made in many colors, also for little boys.

  • Contessa

    Contessa is a cute Christening Trousseau for Baby Girls. A little bit of pink velvet and lace details is all a pretty little girl needs! And we also have a matching dress.

  • Orchid

    Symbol of elegance and luxury, the orchid flower is the burden of this trousseau for christening, which can be perfect not only for girls, but for boys too, if you opt for white orchid flowers.

  • Lemons

    Christening trousseau and dresses with the theme of flowers, leaves and fruits of "lemon". The set is hand-painted on natural silk, with special materials for the textile industry, non-toxic for children and washing resistant. Artist Alexandra Mudrac.

  • Aquarella

    Delicate hand painted roses, perfectly complete the elegant lines of this trousseau. And because we know how creative you are, you can personalize the trousseau with any theme you want: ladybugs, honeybees, butterflies...

  • Little Marie

    Hand Painted Christening Trousseau for Baby Girls, featuring Little Marie from The Aristocats animation movie. Pink for girls, but any other color for everybody!

  • Bulgarasi

    Christening trousseau, for girls and boys, decorated with delicate blue lace flowers. We have also matching dresses for little girls.

  • Blue Kitty

    Navy blue and ivory color combination, with embroidered application, carefully crafted christening trousseau set for an esquisite little girl.

  • Jade Forest

    Jade Forest Christening Set

  • Baby Boat

    Christening Trousseau for baby sailors and for their parents who love the sea... A matching set with the Baby Boat suit and also Little Jack suit.

  • Funky Baby

    Baby boys Christening trousseau - a perfect match for the cheerful Funky Baby Suits, in all colors: turquoise, navy-blue, golden-yellow, coral and more.

  • Little Gentleman

    Christening trousseau set for little boys, in warm shades of ivory and creamy-gold, perfect for an elegant little gentleman.

  • Baby Blue

    Christening set for baby boys that matches or can be adapted to match many christening outfits for your little one. When in doubt, just send us a message :)

  • Baby King

    For certain you already have a little prince at home. And for his Christening day choose this elegant, but cute, trousseau, with a princely theme.

  • Little Musketeer

    Make your little boy part of the Alexandre Dumas' novel, with this musketeer  themed Christening set, in white and navy blue colors.

  • Macrame

    In an everlasting style, using the ancient craft of macrame, this christening set is ideal for all the babies, having an elegant, but in the same time a conservative vibe.

  • Traditional

    Your baby's Christening is an unique occasion, which you can celebrate in a romanian traditional fashion. Match with it the entire baby trousseau, accessorized with fine macrame and miniature pottery.

  • Tzarevici

    Reminder of the vast wintering lands of Russia, but also about the luxury and comfort of the tsars' palaces, choose this boy trousseau for a cold Christening day.

  • Silver Angel

    Christening Set on Angel theme, made for boys as well as for girls.

  • James of Scotland

    James of Scotland christening set for boys, with velvet details and pleated fabric. Can be made also on other colors.

  • Blue Cupcake

    Infant Christening Trousseau, created for both baby girls and baby boys, available on many colors, with delicate lace decorations.

  • Happy Colors

    Cheerful and colorful pom-pom and baloons christening kit, suitable for both boys and girls. On request, we can make any color combination.