• Christening Dresses

    Christening dresses for babies made of the most precius fabrics and accessories. On demand we can create matching accesories and christening sets.

  • Christening Suits

    Boy Christening suits with matching accesories and baptism sets.

  • Christening Sets

    Because we want our kids to feel special for the first major eveniment in their lifes, matching their outfit with the rest of accessories, we created lovely collections of Christening trousseaus for either girls or boys. Towel, oil sheet, ribbon, candle and anything you can think of for the baby's Christening - you can find in our trusseau sets, which can be paired with several baby clothing lines from our shop.

  • Baby Girl Catholic Christening Gowns

    Lace, silk and veils Christening Gowns for baby girls.

  • Baby Boy Catholic Christening Gowns

    Baby Boy Christening Gowns, bonnets, bootees and othes matched accesories.

  • Girl Booties

    Nice matching shoes and booties for Petite Coco girls outfits.

  • Boy Bootees

    Nice shoes and booties matching our boy suits and special outfits.

  • Girl Coats & Sweaters

    If it's a cold day, we have nice coats and sweaters matching our little girls outfits.

  • Boy Overcoats

    In this section, you will find elegant jackets for boys, if you already have a pair of jeans and a shirt and you want to add an elegant element. And for the cold season, we added some models of coats, some with fur collar, which can be put on top of a suit.