• Boys - cold season

    Girls are not the only ones who should be graceful and chic at the attended events, and this is why we suggest a large variety of special occasion suits for little boys, which can be worn at Christening, birthdays or other parties. Gift your little prince with elegant and confortable clothes, crafted from precious fabrics like velvet and dupioni silk. Chic designs, but with various and fun themes, is the basic ideea for the boys' Petite Coco collection.

  • Boys - warm season

    The sunshine warms the entire nature, and your little angel need special occasion outfits, light and comfortable, but  elegant and refined. Petite Coco suggests: jumpsuits, short sleeve shirts and t-shirts, suspenders, bow ties and caps, designed with funny themes, which your little boy will love to wear, both at the Christening and parties, as well as at play.

  • Bootees

    Nice shoes and booties matching our boy suits and special outfits.

  • Hats

    Baby boy hats matching our collections of boy suits.

  • Others
  • Baby Boy Christening Gowns

    Baby Boy Christening Gowns, bonnets, bootees and othes matched accesories.