Size Chart

In the table bellow, you can find the child's exact measurements. The clothes are designed to be a few centimeters loose than this measurements, depending on the model.

Before processing the order, we will gonna ask you to give us the child measurements to verify if you selected the right size.

Please, give us the exact measurements, without any added looseness!

Size Chart Inches EN


Size Chart Petite Coco

To avoid taking the wrong measurements, especially on very small babies, we have some recommendations for you:
- measure the baby after the meal, because the belly circumference increases after the baby eats; otherwise, the measures will be to small and the clothes won't fit.
- in case the baby is a few months old, the measurements will be taken while lying on the back, or while being hold in arms (the usual position the baby will have during the event).
- if you thing you can't handle the measurements, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.